Using Beadwork on Fabric

Some of the best patterns can be created by using beads on apparel. Not only can you convert a simple dress into one that you can wear at a formal occasion, you can choose to do the beadwork to suit the event as well. Choose happy and bright colors if you are planning to wear the dress at a fete or a carnival and choose white and grey high quality Japanese seed beads in case you are trying to cr...


3D Beading

While there are limited resources for 3D beading, there is no denying the variety of things that you can make once you have learnt this art. 3D beading can be used to create armbands, rings, lockets, earrings, handbags, wall hangings, decorative items and more. In almost all 3D beading projects you will need the specific beads that you are planning to use, needles, beading wire and other accesso...


Making a Beadwork Bracelet

To make a stringed bead bracelet is one of the first things that you may want to do. While the process of making a beads bracelet is extremely easy, the results are extremely gratifying. All that you need in order to make a beaded bracelet includes beading wire, French wire or bullion and the beads of your choice. Try and choose two beads of varying size with one as the main bead. This will help...


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