3D Beading

While there are limited resources for 3D beading, there is no denying the variety of things that you can make once you have learnt this art. 3D beading can be used to create armbands, rings, lockets, earrings, handbags, wall hangings, decorative items and more.

In almost all 3D beading projects you will need the specific beads that you are planning to use, needles, beading wire and other accessories depending on what you are creating. There are also various kinds of 3D techniques, knots and steps that need to be followed. Making a 3D beaded animal is one of the most sought after techniques. The first one to start with could be a 3D bead fish since it is relatively easy to make.

Use brightly colored glass beads for the project and make sure that you choose larger beads for the eyes. You can start the 3D fish by cutting the wire and knotting it. Put in a black bead to make the nose and make sure to secure the bead by taking it in the opposite direction and back. Put two colored beads on the two sides of the black bead. Continue in this manner and ensure that you follow the pattern to include the eyes on each side and a colorful pattern to make the fish look attractive.

You can give shape to the fish in whatever manner that you want to before securing it tightly. You will have to take more beads in one row till you reach the middle part of the fish. Then you can start reducing the number of beads in order to create the tail.




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