What do you need to know to embellish your costume with beads?

Embellishing costumes with beads is relatively easy. The intricate patterns that are created on the cloth may make it feel as if the ask is impossible but once you get to it you will notice that beading on cloth is far easier than you thought. You can sew beads on to cloth by using a regular needle and regular thread that is conditioned.

There are various factors that you must consider before you decide on the pattern and kind of beads that you shall be using on the cloth. When you bead a fabric you change the manner in which it falls and therefore the drape. If you are using beads on a woven fabric you may need to make sure that you use lesser number of beads on the bias. The weight of the bead and the tenacity of the fabric together decide whether you can use the specific beads along with the given design or not.

Fabrics tend to shrink when you are beading. This can get extremely conspicuous in case the beading pattern covers a large area. You can use an embroidery frame in order to ensure that the fabric is completely stretched when you are adding beads to the cloth.

When handling the beads for the first time you should put the beads in a shallow container. Getting the bead into the needle when you need to sew it in is done easiest with the use of the needle. And this is when the shallow container helps to a large extent. Make sure that the needle that you are using is a size lesser than the hole of the bead.



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