Beads are obviously the most important tool that you need. There are various kinds of beads that can be used for beadwork. If you are interested in beadwork, then you would need to know the various kinds that exist. Knowledge of the various beads can help you decide the kind of beads that you want to use in the different beadwork projects that you choose. Pearls are one of the most coveted beads...


What kinds of beads are used in beadwork?

There are various kinds of beads that that you will find in the market these days. While the beads used in the centuries gone by were basically natural there are various kinds of beads that are now manufactured or developed too. The seed beads are the most popular kind of beads that are used. The best quality of these beads comes from Japan. 'H' beads or cut beads as they are called, the...


What do you need to know to embellish your costume with beads?

Embellishing costumes with beads is relatively easy. The intricate patterns that are created on the cloth may make it feel as if the ask is impossible but once you get to it you will notice that beading on cloth is far easier than you thought. You can sew beads on to cloth by using a regular needle and regular thread that is conditioned. There are various factors that you must consider before yo...


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