Using Beadwork on Fabric

Some of the best patterns can be created by using beads on apparel. Not only can you convert a simple dress into one that you can wear at a formal occasion, you can choose to do the beadwork to suit the event as well. Choose happy and bright colors if you are planning to wear the dress at a fete or a carnival and choose white and grey high quality Japanese seed beads in case you are trying to create something that is classy.

Learning to use beadwork on cloth is not difficult at all. The one part that is tough is remembering the pattern and this can get extremely challenging if you are using multiple beads with different colors. One good idea is to keep the pattern in front of you at all times while beading. It is also recommended that you draw the outline of the pattern on the dress with a cloth market. Alternately you could trace the pattern using butter paper in which you make small tiny holes to imprint on to the cloth.

There are essentially two ways in which you can do beadwork on cloth. You can choose to sew each and every seed into the dress or you can decide to stick it on to the dress with special glue. There are advantages and disadvantages of both approaches. While sewing in is likely to take more time, it is also likely to last longer and stand the rough handling of a washing machine. You may want to do this if you have used high quality beads and have created something formal. Beads that are stuck on apparel last for much less and are prone to wear and tear.



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