What kinds of beads are used in beadwork?

There are various kinds of beads that that you will find in the market these days. While the beads used in the centuries gone by were basically natural there are various kinds of beads that are now manufactured or developed too.

The seed beads are the most popular kind of beads that are used. The best quality of these beads comes from Japan. 'H' beads or cut beads as they are called, these are beads that come in different sizes but have 6 sides each. The flat surfaces are known to help in better reflection of light from the beads. The bugle heads are tube like beads that can be smooth and round or have 6 sides. They come in various sizes ranging from 2mm to 40mm. the roundel are doughnut like seed beads that have a center fold. Faceted beads come in various shapes but they always have one flat side at least. A bead that has the shape of a ear or a tear drop is called a drop. The hole in this case is generally from the narrow end to the base along the length.

Pearls are also extremely popular beads that are used. The main kinds of pearls that are used these days include cultured ones, freshwater pearls, baroque pearls and costume or fake pearls. The freshwater pearls are shaped like rice crispies. These can be white, cream or tinted too. Cultured pearls are as close as you can get to real pearls. These are pearls that are created in a lab like setting. Baroque pearls are pearls that have an irregular shape.

Other kinds of beads that you are likely to find in the market include metal beads, stone beads, plastic beads, sequins, semi-precious stones and jewels too.



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