Other Beading Tools

For a hobby that can be satisfied with beads and some thread, there are a lot of tools and supplies that you can find in the market once you start doing beadwork. As you go along you will realize that there are other tools that you can use to help you make more intricate designs. For example, the spring clamps can be extremely useful in lifting up small beads, holding the bead cord or even light soldering.

You will always need needles of various thicknesses in order to ensure that always have one size thinner to thread the beads. The crimper is a great tool that helps in creating close crimp ends, eyelet ends, pinch clasps and more. You can also get metal punch pliers that can punch a hole in copper, silver or other base metals.

When you are working on something intricate you may want to secure your work with the use of long pins. Or then buy a steel bench for pressing down the wires or creating the flat bed. You can also find bead removers that are now available in the market. You will be lucky if you find one that allows you to change the tip to accommodate different sizes of beads. Some feel that beadwork without the convenience of bead stoppers is not possible at all.

And lastly you may also want to purchase a beading toolkit cover so that you can keep all the pliers, cutting tools, steel bench and more in one place to extract whenever you are in the mood for some beading.




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