Bead Loom

This is a piece of equipment that you need to have if you are planning to make jewelry with your beads. A bead loom helps people with interest in this area to create unique patterns of jewelry without going through a lot of juggling and managing. It is recommended that you choose a bead loom that is sturdy. You may want to choose a loom that is made of good quality wood. This is something that may cost you more than the plastic ones that are available in the market but there is no doubt that the ones made of wood shall last much longer than the plastic ones.

Seed beads are considered to be easy to use on a loom. This is because they are round and therefore easy to handle. Another thing that you need to know about bead looms is that they work best when placed on a hard surface like a table top. When you are creating a pattern for a necklace (say), then you will need to place one extra row of thread.

Bead looms come in various sizes. Over time you may have to own a variety of bead looms in order to ensure that you have the right one in case you want to make an earring, a bracelet or a necklace. The right size of the bead loom can make all the difference. Some of the classier options of bead looms come with small compartments where you can place your beads without allowing them to fall off.



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